• Composite cigarette inner liner base paper, transfer cigarette inner liner base paper, aluminum-free cigarette inner liner base paper, high loft inner liner base paper, and double-sided glossy inner liner base paper.

Cigarette inner liner base paper is the base paper of a multi-layer aluminum foil composite material specifically used for cigarette packaging. This material is a composite of several different layers of material, including one or more layers of aluminum foil and a paper base paper laminated to it.


  1. Moisture resistance: the aluminum foil layer can effectively block external moisture from entering the inside of cigarettes, preventing the tobacco from moisture deterioration.
  2. Aroma preservation: It helps to keep the original aroma of tobacco from being affected by the external environment, ensuring the pure taste.
  3. Shading: the good shading properties of aluminum foil can prevent the ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging the tobacco ingredients.
  4. security protection: in some high-grade cigarettes, the aluminum foil liner also assumes the function of anti-counterfeiting, guaranteeing the rights and interests of the brand through special printing technology and encryption methods.
  5. Environmental adaptability: despite the metal content, modern aluminum foil laminates are usually produced with environmental considerations in mind, using recyclable materials and striving to reduce environmental pollution.


  • Inner liner base paper for cigarettes is widely used in the inner layer of the packaging of all types of cigarette products and is an indispensable component of premium cigarettes in particular, as it significantly improves the quality of the cigarettes and extends their shelf life. With the development of technology, in addition to the basic functions, the design of this type of packaging material also focuses more and more on personalization and artistry to meet the needs of different consumer groups and the market positioning of the brand.