Cultural and advertising materials refer to special materials dedicated to the fields of cultural publishing, artistic creation, advertising and publicity, etc. They have specific properties in printing, writing, displaying, etc., in order to meet the requirements of information transmission and visual presentation in different application scenarios. Materials for culture and advertising are:

  1. Cultural publishing paper: book paper: such as light paper, pure quality paper, offset paper, etc.; painting paper: such as watercolour paper, drawing paper, oil painting paper, printmaking paper, etc.; calligraphy paper: such as Xuan paper, burlap paper, Yunlong paper, etc.; art printing paper: such as art paper, special paper, etc..
  2. Advertising paper: coated paper; light coated paper; newsprint; leaflets/flyers with lightweight paper, such as double-gummed paper, matte powder paper, etc.; poster paper: such as poster paper, backed paper, PP synthetic paper, etc.; labels: such as self-adhesive labels, thermal labels, etc., used for merchandise labels, logistics labels, price tags, etc.
  3. Special-purpose paper: Bible paper, anti-counterfeiting paper: such as watermark paper, fibre silk paper, security line paper, holographic paper, etc.; environmentally friendly paper: such as recycled paper, non-chlorine bleached paper, etc.
  4. Advertising materials: spray-painted cloth, mesh cloth, body stickers, single-pass stickers, cold laminating film, etc.