Speciality paper is a high-end paper product with special properties and uses, distinguishing it from conventional office paper, writing paper, printing paper and other common paper types. Its characteristics mainly include:

  1. Special performance: special paper through a special manufacturing process or the addition of specific functional materials , giving the paper unique physical properties, chemical properties or optical properties. For example, some speciality papers may be waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature resistant, abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant, moisture-absorbent, electrically conductive, filtration and other functions.
  2. Specialised uses: Speciality papers are designed for the needs of different industries and fields and can be used for a variety of specialised applications, including but not limited: Consumer goods, Industrial products, Building materials, Commercial printing, Other high-tech fields
  3. High quality and environmental protection: many speciality papers, due to their high value-added and special requirements, focus on environmental protection and sustainable development in the production process, using renewable resources as raw materials and pursuing higher quality and aesthetic effects.
Specialty paper