Medical paper refers to speciality paper products designed, produced and used specifically for healthcare, which play a vital role in ensuring the safety, hygiene and effectiveness of medical processes. These papers cover a wide range of application scenarios, including pharmaceutical packaging, medical device packaging, patient care, medical records and many others, with specific physical properties, chemical stability, microbiological control standards, and regulatory requirements to meet the stringent standards and special needs of the healthcare industry. The main categories of medical paper are:

  1. Medical packaging paper
    • Medicine packaging paper
    • Medical device packaging paper: common medical packaging paper includes medical grade coated paper, medical dialysis paper and so on.
  2. Patient care paper
    • Medical cleaning and wiping paper: common medical cotton paper, non-woven wipes, alcohol cotton pads, etc.
    • Medicine bottle filling paper: 
  3. Medical record paper
    • Medical record paper: designed for medical equipment output data, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) paper, electroencephalogram (EEG) paper, ultrasonography (ultrasound) paper, foetal monitoring paper.