Cultural paper refers to the type of paper that is specially used to carry, disseminate, and record information on human cultural knowledge, works of art, and ideological concepts. This type of paper usually has good printing suitability, writing performance, visual effect and certain durability, and is an indispensable media material in the fields of cultural publishing, education, artistic creation and commercial promotion. Cultural paper is not only about the accurate transmission of information, but also closely related to the reading experience, artistic expression, brand image shaping, etc. It is an important carrier of knowledge dissemination and cultural exchanges in a civilised society.

There are many kinds of cultural paper, which can be subdivided into several categories according to their uses, production processes, material characteristics and other differences.

  1. book publishing paper: offset paper (double-glued paper), light paper (light paper), pure paper, art paper, such as cotton paper, bamboo fibre paper, hemp paper, etc. 2.
  2. paper for painting and art creation: watercolour paper, drawing paper, oil painting paper/board, printmaking paper.
  3. advertising and promotional paper: coated paper (also known as coated paper), lightly coated paper, newsprint, poster paper: including poster paper, adhesive backed paper, etc.
  4. office and writing paper: copy paper, letterhead, note paper, writing paper (such as drawing paper, typing paper, envelope paper, etc.).
  5. Special-purpose paper: Bible paper, anti-counterfeiting paper, environmentally friendly paper (e.g. recycled paper, non-chlorine bleached paper).