Heat Transfer Paper
  • Grammage: 28-80gsm

Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper is a special printing medium dedicated to the thermal transfer process, which plays an important role in the personalization and digital printing industry. The characteristics and applications of this paper are listed below:


  1. Bright and long-lasting colors:Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper is printed using thermal transfer ink made of disperse dyes, which can achieve high-definition and high-saturation image output, and the colors are bright and have good light fastness after transferring to the material, and do not fade easily.
  2. No difference in feel: the transfer process is through the heating of the ink molecules gasification and penetration into the target material (such as chemical fiber fabric), so the image after the completion of the transfer part of the image and the substrate fused into one, there is no additional thickness or roughness, to maintain a good feel.
  3. Wide range of applications: can be applied to a variety of different types of material surfaces, such as various types of chemical fiber fabrics (polyester, nylon, etc.), ceramics, metal, silk and other non-textile products that can withstand high-temperature transfer processing, such as mouse pads, PET non-woven fabrics, eyeglasses cloths, pillows, flags, bags, garments, shoes, hats, home accessories, crafts and so on.
  4. Environmental protection and durability: Compared with the traditional printing process, heat sublimation transfer technology is more environmentally friendly, the disperse dyes used usually have better environmental friendliness, and the transferred pattern will not fall off or crack for a long time.


  • Personalized clothing customization, including T-shirts, sportswear, swimwear, hats, etc.
  • Home decoration, such as pillows, curtains, bed sheets, wall paintings, etc.
  • Business gifts and promotional items, such as customized towels, bath towels, umbrellas, mobile phone cases, cups, etc.
  • Large-scale promotional materials in the advertising industry, such as banners, flags, display boards, etc.
  • Craft production, using heat sublimation transfer paper can transfer photos or other patterns onto various materials to make unique souvenirs or artworks.