Power energy paper is a special paper material used in the field of power engineering, which is mainly characterised by excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance and good process adaptability. Such paper materials are usually treated with special production processes, such as chemical modification, impregnation, lamination, etc., to meet the needs of long-term stable operation of power equipment in complex environmental conditions. They not only serve as a basic insulating medium, but may also contain functional additives or composites to fulfil specific energy management functions, such as energy storage, thermal management, and so on. Due to their specialised use and stringent performance requirements, power energy papers often need to follow relevant industry standards and specifications for production and quality control. Power energy paper's main categories as bellow:

  1. cable paper: low voltage cable paper, high voltage cable paper
  2. Insulated crepe paper
  3. Impregnated insulating paper
  4. Electrical insulating paperboard
  5. Semiconductor cable paper
  6. energy storage paper
  7. Other related paper materials: electrical insulating paper, coiled insulating paper, electrolytic paper