Metal interleaving paper is a special packaging material designed to protect and optimize the performance of sheet metal during processing, storage and transport. This material usually consists of a high-quality base paper treated by special processes, such as aluminizing, coating or laminating, to form a paper liner with excellent protective properties. In practice, it is placed on the inner and outer surfaces of single metal sheets or between stacked sheets to prevent abrasion, scratches, oxidized rust and static build-up caused by direct contact.


  1. Excellent barrier and protection: Metal interleaving paper has excellent barrier properties, can effectively resist moisture, oxygen, and other harmful gases on the metal surface to prevent corrosion or chemical reactions.
  2. anti-static and conductivity: part of the metal packaging liner can be processed through a special coating or metallization, to obtain good anti-static ability, reduce static adsorption of dust, and can to a certain extent play a role in electromagnetic shielding.
  3. Mechanical strength and flexibility at the same time: packaging liner paper maintains the basic characteristics of paper, with sufficient tensile strength and breakage resistance, both to provide good support, but also to adapt to a variety of shapes and thicknesses of metal sheets, and easy to cut and fold.
  4. Temperature stability: specially treated metal packaging liner can withstand certain temperature changes, not due to the alternation of heat and cold and rapid deformation or loss of its protective function.
  5. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Compared with other non-degradable packaging materials, metal sheet packaging liner meets the requirements of use at the same time, is more in line with modern green concepts, and can be recycled and reused in most cases after disposal.


  • Metal sheet processing industry: In the production line of stainless-steel plate, color steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other metal sheets, it is used as a temporary or long-term protective layer to prevent physical damage during the handling process.
  • Logistics and warehousing: In the process of stacking, encapsulation and long-distance transport of metal sheets, packaging liner is used between every two sheets to ensure that the quality of the product is not affected and to reduce the loss due to friction.
  • Electrical and electronic manufacturing industry: In the manufacturing process of precision electronic components and circuit boards, the use of specific types of metal packaging liner as an internal separation and protection materials, to enhance the safety and reliability of the product.
  • Automotive, aerospace, and other industries: For the various types of high-grade metal parts used in high-end equipment manufacturing, Metal interleaving paper plays a key role in protecting the packaging before leaving the factory.