Absorbent materials refer to a class of substances with special structure and properties that can quickly absorb and retain large amounts of water. These materials mainly absorb water through physical adsorption, capillary effect or chemical cross-linking, etc., and form a gel network structure after absorbing water, so as to lock the water not to be easily lost. Absorbent materials usually include inorganic, organic polymers and natural and synthetic composites.

Absorbent materials include the following products:

  • Absorbent Meat Pads 
  • Absorbent Fruit Pads
  • Absorbent rolls
  • Soaker Pad
  • Absorbent Seafood/Fish Pads
  • Absorbent vegetable pads
  • Absorbent replace ice pads
  • Absorbent display Cabinet Liner
  • Dry Ice Pack
absorbent pads