Wire wrapping paper
  • Grammage:59gsm, 120gsm

Wire wrapping paper is a kind of special paper dedicated to the production of wire, cable and other electrical insulating materials wrapping layer. It as a wire, cable insulation structure in the key components, directly wrapped in the conductor (such as copper, aluminium) outer layer, play a role in isolating the conductor and the external environment, to prevent charge leakage, enhance mechanical strength, protect the conductor from physical damage and chemical erosion. Wrapping paper is made through a specific papermaking process, with good electrical properties, mechanical properties and adapt to a variety of subsequent processing (such as impregnation, drying, wrapping, extrusion, etc.) in the manufacturing process of wire and cable characteristics.


  1. Excellent electrical insulation properties: wire wrapping paper must have a very low conductivity, can effectively prevent the flow of current in the non-conductor part of the flow, to ensure the safe operation of wire and cable under the working voltage. Its high insulation resistance, moderate dielectric constant, small dielectric loss, can prevent electric shock, short circuit and other electrical faults.
  2. Good mechanical strength and flexibility: wrapped wire paper needs to have a certain tensile strength, tear resistance and folding resistance, in order to adapt to the wire and cable in the installation, the use of a variety of bending, stretching and torsion stresses that may be encountered in the process. At the same time, its flexibility should be good, so as to facilitate in the winding, laying easy to form and not brittle.
  3. stable chemical properties and weather resistance: wrapped wire paper should have good acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, can be in a variety of environments to maintain long-term stability, free from moisture, humidity, temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation and other factors, to ensure the long-term reliability of wire and cable work.
  4. Excellent impregnation and adhesion: In order to further enhance the insulation properties and mechanical strength, the wrapping paper usually need to go through the impregnation process, so that it adsorbs and cures the insulating varnish or resin. Therefore, the base paper should have good impregnation absorption ability and good adhesion with the impregnated material to ensure that the insulating layer is uniform, dense and without air gaps.
  5. Environmental protection and flame retardant: modern wire wrapping raw paper should also comply with strict environmental standards, does not contain harmful substances to the human body and the environment, and can be added selectively flame retardant, giving wires and cables excellent flame retardant properties, to meet the fire safety requirements.


Wrap-around raw paper is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of wire and cable products, specifically including:

  • power cables: in high-voltage, ultra-high voltage power cables, wire-wrapped raw paper is used as one of the main insulating materials, together with insulating oil, insulating film, etc. to form a multilayer composite insulating structure, to ensure safe isolation in the process of large-current transmission.
  • communication cables: in data communication, optical fibre composite cables and other products, wire wrapped raw paper as the internal wire or optical fibre unit of the protective layer, to provide the necessary insulation isolation and mechanical protection.
  • electronic wire: in all kinds of electronic equipment used in the internal harness, connecting wire, wire wrapping paper is used to wrap single or multiple fine wires, forming an insulated core, to ensure the stable transmission of electronic signals and the safe operation of the equipment.
  • motor, transformer winding: in the motor, transformer and other electrical equipment winding, wire wrapping paper is used to wrap enamelled wire or wire wrapping, to enhance the insulation effect, improve the overall electrical performance and mechanical stability of the winding.
  • special cables: in the high temperature, fire-resistant, explosion-proof, aerospace and other special environments such as the use of cables, wire wrapping paper needs to be used in special formulations and processes to meet the extreme conditions of insulation and protection requirements.