PS plate interleaving paper, usually refers to the special liner material used in conjunction with the PS plate. In the lithographic printing process, PS plate is a pre-coated photographic layer of the printing plate, through the laser or other light sources can be used for printing after direct imaging, PS plate interleaving paper is in the production and use of the PS plate process to play a protective, support and assist the role of a kind of paper materials.


  1. Protective function: PS board liner is mainly characterised by good cushioning and scratch resistance, which can effectively protect the photographic coating on the surface of the PS board from mechanical damage, and maintain its integrity in the process of transport, storage and installation.
  2. Stability requirements: the liner paper needs to have the appropriate thickness and flatness to ensure that the contact with the PS plate will not produce wrinkles or bubbles, thus affecting the quality of the layout. Its moisture absorption and air permeability need to be moderate, so as not to affect the drying speed of the PS plate and image quality.
  3. Environmental protection and compatibility: High-quality PS plate interleaving paper should be made of environmentally friendly materials to avoid pollution to the environment, and it should not have chemical reaction with the photographic materials on the PS plate with each other to ensure that it does not affect the photographic effect of the plate.


  • Plate making process: In the stage of plate making, PS plate interleaving paper is often used to wrap the PS plate, especially in the process of CTP direct plate making, used to isolate the influence of the external environment on the plate, to ensure the accuracy and stability before and after the exposure.
  • Mounting and Positioning: When mounting a PS plate on a printing press, the liner helps to smoothly place and hold the plate in place, preventing scratches and accidental touches that can cause damage to the plate.
  • Printing quality control: Using the right PS plate interleaving paper can also reduce printing defects caused by impurities adhering to the plate, and improve the quality and consistency of printed materials.
  • Stock Management: When the unexposed or exposed PS plates are in stock management, the liner paper can be used as a temporary protective layer to prevent the erosion of the plate by dust and other pollutants.