• Grammage: 170gsm-400gsm
  • Size:
    • Sheet
    • Roll

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is a type of white cardboard that uses bleached sulphate whole wood pulp in the core layer, and is a higher-quality cardboard material than ordinary white cardboard.


  1. Three-layer structure: White core white cardboard is made from three layers of pulp, including the top layer, core layer and bottom layer. All three layers use bleached sulphate wood pulp, which ensures the paper has high whiteness and good visual effect from inside to outside.
  2. High whiteness: As the core layer is made of bleached sulphate wood pulp, the overall colour of the paper is white, providing an excellent printing background.
  3. Surface Coating: The front side (i.e. the printing side) is treated with two or three squeegee coatings to form a smooth, even surface suitable for high quality printing; the reverse side has no coating layer.
  4. Physical properties: White core white cardboard has high stiffness and breaking strength, high surface hardness, not easy to deform, and at the same time has good flatness and folding resistance.
  5. Environmental protection and hygiene: white core white cardboard has the characteristics of hygiene, purity and tastelessness, which can be used for packaging products sensitive to scent and taste, such as chocolate, cigarettes and cosmetic packaging, etc.


  • Packaging materials: Widely used to make all kinds of high-end commodity packaging boxes, such as cosmetics, gifts, medicines, electronic products, food and other products packaging.
  • Printing media: often used as business cards, certificates, invitations, greeting cards, book covers and other paper media that need to show exquisite texture and printing effect.
  • Advertising display: POP billboards, exhibition stands, brochures and other application scenarios that require rigid support and flat printing effects.
  • Card production: such as membership cards, game cards, collection cards and other card products that require high hardness and durability.