Light weight Coated Paper (LWC) is a type of printing paper that undergoes a special coating treatment during the papermaking process. It is machine coated with a thin and uniform layer of coating (usually containing pigments, adhesives, and other additives) on the base paper to improve the smoothness and opacity of the paper surface, and to enhance its ability to absorb and adhere to the ink, to achieve a good printing effect.


  1. Quality and performance:
    • The quality of lightly coated paper is between coated paper and offset paper, with high-cost performance.
    • Excellent color printing performance, although the coating is thinner than that of coated paper, it is able to achieve a printing effect close to that of coated paper and is particularly suitable for mixed printing of color images and text.
    • It has good opacity, which makes it possible to print on both sides without print-through, ensuring the reading experience.
    • High surface smoothness, which helps to improve the gloss and clarity of printed materials.
    • High mechanical pulp content, good environmental protection, some light coated paper does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, which is conducive to the protection of eyesight, especially suitable for long time reading occasions.
  2. Physical properties:
    • Lighter in texture and lower in weight, it is easier to carry and transport than traditional coated paper, while reducing raw material consumption and cost.
    • It has a certain degree of slipperiness and flexibility, which makes it easy to run and process on high-speed printing machines.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Because of the use of more environmentally friendly production processes and materials, lightly coated paper meets the demands of modern life in terms of sustainability and health while fulfilling the needs of printing.


Light coated paper is used in a wide range of applications due to its economy and good printability:

  • Publishing industry:
    • Inside printing of commercial magazines, such as fashion, entertainment, cultural periodicals, and children's books, to ensure graphic quality and cost control. o Teaching aids and books.
    • Teaching aids and all kinds of book production, especially the need for many color illustrations and focus on the comfortable reading experience of the book.
  • advertising: shopping malls, corporate catalogues, brochures and direct mail advertisements, the use of lightly coated paper can effectively display product images and brand information, while maintaining low production costs.
  • Packaging industry: Some high-grade products also choose to use lightly coated paper for their manuals, labels, or lightweight boxes to reflect a sense of quality.
  • Other uses: In office printing, business forms, map production and other areas, light coated paper is also favored for its affordable price and suitable printing performance.