water-based coated paper
  • Base paper grade:
    • Water-based cupstock board: 190-300gsm
    • Water-based grease-proof paper: 30gsm, 45gsm
    • Water-based grease-proof paperboard: 190-300gsm
    • Water-based heat-sealable paper: 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm
    • Water-based water-proof paper: 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm
  • Coating grammage: 3-20gsm
  • Kit grade: 6-12Kit


Water-based Coated Barrier Paper is a speciality packaging material formed by applying a water-based coating with barrier properties to virgin paper. The coating usually contains specific functional components such as EAA emulsion (ethylene acrylic acid copolymer), PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) or other modified polymers to give the paper the ability to prevent the penetration of moisture, oxygen, grease and other chemicals.


  1. environmental characteristics: the use of water-based system, reducing the use of environmentally harmful organic solvents, in line with the development trend of modern sustainable packaging.
  2. excellent barrier performance: can effectively prevent the external water vapour, oxygen transmission, to protect the internal products from moisture, no deterioration, to extend the shelf life, especially for food and drugs and other products need to maintain the freshness of the packaging.
  3. excellent heat-sealing performance: part of the water-based barrier coating can achieve good heat sealing at lower temperatures, easy to make into bags or boxes and other forms of packaging structure.
  4. Printing suitability and mechanical properties: the treated paper surface is smooth and suitable for high-quality printing, while the coating enhances the tensile strength, folding resistance, and abrasion resistance of the paper.


  • Food packaging: such as bakery products, paper tableware, paper bags, paper pads, other types of food packaging, etc., usually requires environmental protection and biodegradable, as well as moisture-proof, oil-proof, oxygen-proof.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging: the outer packaging of pharmaceutical products, to ensure that the quality of the drug is stable and not affected by external conditions.
  • Beverage packaging: used to replace some of the plastic containers, to provide a more environmentally friendly and have a certain barrier effect of the packaging solutions.
  • Cosmetic packaging: For cosmetics that need to be stored for a long time and prevent oxidative deterioration, water-based barrier paper can be used as a packaging material.
  • Industrial Packaging: For certain industrial products that require special protection, water-based coated barrier paper can also be used to improve the level of packaging protection.