Absorbent beads
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Absorbent beads are an innovative material developed based on polymer water-absorbent resin technology, the main component of which is a highly absorbent polymer that has undergone a special process. This polymer appears as small colorful particles in the dry state, which are named because of their crystal-clear shape like crystal beads. When the beads meet water, they quickly absorb and lock in a large amount of water, forming a transparent or translucent gel-like structure, while maintaining their original bright colors.


  1. High water-absorbing rate: It has very high water-absorbing capacity, which can absorb hundreds or even thousands of times its own weight of water in a short time, and the volume expands significantly after absorbing water.
  2. Long-lasting moisturizing: after absorbing water, the gel beads can remain wet for a long time and release water slowly, which has a good effect on the regulation of environmental humidity.
  3. Multi-color plasticity: the product is rich in various colors, which can be creatively matched according to personal preferences and application scenarios, which not only increases the visual aesthetics, but also possesses a certain degree of artistic expressiveness.
  4. Environmentally friendly and safe: the high-quality water-absorbing beads are made of non-toxic and harmless raw materials, which comply with the relevant safety standards and are friendly to the human body and the environment.
  5. good physical and chemical stability: in the appropriate temperature and pH conditions, water-absorbent gel beads are stable, insoluble in water, not easy to chemical reaction, will not cause adverse effects on the use of the environment.


  • Horticulture planting: Adding water-absorbing beads to the soil of potted plants can play the role of slow release of water and nutrients, reduce the frequency of watering, and improve the survival rate and ornamental effect of plants.
  • Home Decoration: As an accessory for flower vase arrangement or filled in various transparent containers as interior decoration, water-absorbent beads can provide beautiful decoration and increase air humidity at the same time.
  • Children's educational toys: due to its safety and fun, water-absorbent beads are widely used in children's science experiment teaching and DIY handmade, which help children understand the principle of water absorption and cultivate hands-on ability and innovative thinking.