offset paper
  • Grammage: 60-120gsm

Offset paper (also known as offset printing paper) is a type of paper specifically designed for printing. Offset paper is made by coating both sides of the paper with an adhesive (e.g. starch, PVA, etc.) during the papermaking process to improve the smoothness, water resistance and ink absorption of the paper's surface. This treatment allows the paper to provide better printing results and flatness during printing, reducing the phenomenon of print-through and improving the clarity of images and text.


  1. Smooth and flat surface, conducive to high-precision printing.
  2. Small expansion, good stability, not easy to deform after printing.
  3. Uniform absorption of ink, strong colour expression.
  4. excellent water resistance, help to prevent the print from moisture affecting the quality.
  5. high opacity, suitable for double-sided printing and do not affect each other.
  6. Grammage range is usually from 60g to 300g, different grammage double glued paper is suitable for different printing purposes, for example, lighter grammage can be used for magazine inserts, envelopes, etc., while heavier grammage can be used for covers, brochures, packaging materials, etc.


  • Mainly used for monochrome or colour printing on flatbed offset presses to produce high quality books, magazines, teaching materials, pictorials, maps, posters, colourful logos, etc.
  • For high-end office paper such as business forms, certificates, business cards, bills, etc.
  • High-end packaging industry, due to its characteristics of anti-breakage and good air permeability, it is suitable for the production of various packaging materials such as gift boxes and product boxes.
  • Envelope printing, especially high-grade envelopes.
  • Various kinds of labels, manuals and other printed products.