Plastic film is a thin and flexible continuous sheet material made of polymer synthetic resin as the main raw material, through the process of melting and plasticising, film forming, cooling and shaping. This kind of material is usually between a few microns to several hundred microns in thickness, with good flexibility, sealing, transparency (part of the type) and protective properties, is a modern packaging, agriculture, construction, environmental protection and other fields of widely used multi-functional materials.  Plastic film has an extremely wide range of applications, the following are specific examples of applications in several major fields:

  • Food packaging
  • Commodity packaging
  • Industrial packaging
    • Agricultural field: Mulching, Greenhouse, Aquaculture
    • Construction and environmental protection engineering: Anti-seepage application, Waterproofing of basements and roofs, Soil restoration and greening
    • Other applications: Daily necessities, Special applications
Plastic film