Non-woven fabrics, also known as nonwovens, are a new type of fiber product whose manufacturing process differs from that of traditional textiles in that it does not require the steps of spinning, weaving or knitting. Nonwovens are made by directly bonding, entangling or fusing natural fibers (e.g. cotton, linen), chemical fibers (e.g. polypropylene, polyester) or other functional fibers by physical, chemical or thermal means to form a sheet-like material with a certain strength, thickness and flatness. This innovative process turns traditional textile concepts on their head, allowing fibers to be formed into structurally stable cloth-like products in a more direct way.

Due to its unique properties and wide adaptability, non-woven fabrics are widely used in many fields, including but not limited to the following:

  • Medical dressings
  • Civil hygiene
  • Industrial base materials
  • Clothing and home textile
  • Other fields
Non-woven fabrics