Pulp is a fibrous mixture of plant fibres as the main raw material, processed by a series of physical or chemical treatment means, which is the basic raw material of the paper industry. These plant fibres are usually derived from various types of trees, especially coniferous and broad-leaved trees, but can also include non-woody fibre sources such as bamboo, hemp, grass, cotton, etc. Pulp generation is aimed at converting natural plant material into a form suitable for subsequent papermaking processes, i.e. a dispersed suspension of fibres of a certain length and strength, capable of being evenly distributed and tightly bound, which ultimately forms paper or other paper-based products during the drying process. Pulp has an extremely wide range of applications, mainly including:

  • Cultural paper
  • News printing paper
  • Packaging paper and board
  • Speciality paper
  • Household paper
  • Industrial paper
Pulp materials