PVC film, i.e. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film, is a multifunctional plastic film material widely used in many fields such as agriculture, packaging, advertising, bags, sports, documents, etc. PVC film can be divided into the following categories according to its use:

  1. agricultural film: ground film and greenhouse film
  2. packaging film: all kinds of goods inside and outside the film
  3. advertising film: such as cold laminating film, body stickers, instant stickers, studio film, labelling film, light box film, glow-in-the-dark products and so on. 
  4. bag film: used to make all kinds of soft bags, such as bag lining, handbags, ice bags, diaper bags, suit bags, hand-warming bags, mummy bags, etc..
  5. sports and cultural film: service folders, business card holders, gymnastics mats, yoga mats, racket cover, disc holders and other sporting goods
  6. document film: used for all kinds of certificates, documents, awards, manuals, etc. lamination protection
PVC film